Managed IT Services

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The application crashed again, I can't work like this!

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I don't think our IT provider is cut out for this...

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  • NetData came by, documented everything, took care of our issues in a weekend and come Monday morning we were up and running again. That was 6 months ago, and we have been very happy with them ever since.

    Sara C. Executive Assistant
  • If you are looking for quality, affordable, and just honest IT work in Los Angeles then NetData Consulting is who you need... NetData Consulting definitely has our business moving forward and if you need any IT work done in the Los Angeles area they should be your first call.

    Max CFO
  • It's unbelievable how we moved an office of 25 people and rebuilt our infrastructure, merged with another company, setup shared resources, all in a weekend. NetData came in the following week and stayed to make sure everything was running smoothly.

    Patrick Manager
  • There is no one like Victor and his team to fix my IT needs. He is very patient, always available, and pushes hard to find solutions to any problem we have.

    Mike Z. CPA
  • Nice to see you moving in a growth mode direction...My hat is off to you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.  We all wish you continued success going forward.

    Jason B. Blackpointe Group

As your company grows, so does the reliance on IT. However, there is no easy way to overwatch all aspects of your technology. A proper monitoring solution can mean the difference between a proactive and a reactive solution.

Our monitoring and alerting system eliminates the need to have more constant eyes on your technology. Our notification system can tell us beforehand the problems your systems are likely to face, and the likelihood that certain things can fail.

Properly planning a proactive recovery can be the difference between a wasted day and a successful disaster prevention.


Our Outsourced Chief Technology Officer is your organization’s chance to discuss it’s goals and the direction it should be heading. Taking advantage of our Quarterly Business Reviews not only puts you ahead of your competitors, but it also allows us to be part of your team.

We will discuss topics such as what was accomplished the previous quarter, where we are currently with the company, and discuss plans on the future of the company. Maybe you want to move to the cloud, or setup a new phone system? The advantage of our platform allows you to share your concerns and vision with us to help us help you capitalize on your goals.

Documentation and Access to Your Data

One of the biggest challenges we face as IT providers is getting access to the passwords and documentation of the previous IT provider when we take on a new client. As your IT provider, not only will we not hold your data hostage the way others do, but we encourage your access to your own data.

Our secure online portal is a direct snapshot of your network. When we update your data, you can see the updated results in real time. You have your own login credentials because after all, this is your network, and you shouldn’t be asking to see your own information.


Strategic Partners

Partnering with the leading manufacturers in each industry has allowed us to give our clients the opportunity to have the edge over their competition

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