Cloud Services

Cloud 5 Pack

Chances are you’re reading about our Cloud 5 Pack because you kept hearing the word “Cloud.” What is the cloud and why does it have such an impact on our industry? Well, in short, the cloud is simply a way of having your resources accessible on another person’s hardware instead of your own. Instead of paying to keep that clunky server in your office, you move your files to the “cloud”, on Microsoft’s servers for example.

We have taken a cloud solution and made it accessible and more in tune to the needs of a small business. Our Cloud 5 Pack is perfect for small offices under 15 users who dont need all the architecture of a sophisticated system inside their office, but can utilize the need of collaboration, backups, emails, and more.

  • Office Home and Business – Latest Version
  • Email provided by Microsoft Office 365
  • Email Backups and Spam Protection
  • Monitoring and Documentation
  • Much More…

Cloud Solutions

Perfect for small offices under 15 users who don't have/need a server, or are looking to move their data to the cloud

Cloud Collaboration

Work from any device and collaborate with other staff members. A true remote and cloud based solution

Email Support

Email Setup, Encryption, Spam Filtering, and Backup are all inclusive in our cloud package.

File Backups

Backups and versioning of your personal and business documents. Recover anything from anywhere, anytime.

Remote Support

All remote support is included in our cloud solution

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